Scheduling Power Hours – Get Ahold of Your Prospects

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You’re sitting at your desk, making call after call without catching a single person. How are you supposed to help people if you can’t get ahold of them? After dialing for hours the frustration has you ready to throw your phone against the wall. Save the phone! I’ve got a better solution – re-schedule your prospecting power hours.

To find your prospecting power hour you need to know the best time to call your potential clients. You want to be efficient with your time, so get in their shoes and do your research. Let’s say you’re trying to get in touch with a nurse. Well, they work 12 hour shifts, so calling them during a day they’re working won’t get you anywhere. You need to find out which days they’re scheduled and steer clear. If you’re calling a car salesman you know their busy days are during the weekends. Why not call during the week, and make sure it’s before 5:00 – when customers start coming in. Real estate agents are also busy during the weekends. Try calling them on a Tuesday or Wednesday, maybe around noon when they’re breaking for lunch. When reaching out to a stay at home parent you need to think about their schedule. They probably get up with the baby around 6:00AM, so 7:00AM or 8:00AM would be good call times. You could also call while the baby is napping, usually around 10:00AM.  These are the things you need to think about when making your prospecting power hour.

If you’re constantly calling your prospects and still haven’t gotten them on the phone then you need to change your plan. Call a different time or a different day. Be extremely flexible. If you say, “I’m going to make calls from 9:00AM-11:00AM” you’re going to miss out on the world. I promise once you figure out their schedule there will be a huge reward.

Now, schedule your power hour around your prospects, not yourself. Get out there and crank it y’all!


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