Power Hours – How to Grow Your Business

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Do you find yourself becoming creatively avoidant when it comes to picking up the phone and dialing your potential clients? Many of you reading this can think of a million things to do besides calling your prospects. Others of you don’t even realize you’re letting yourself get distracted from the most important part of growing your business. Well, read on fellow procrastinators. Power hours are the key to successful prospecting.

So, what is a power hour? A power hour is a block of time reserved for exclusively contacting prospects. And when I say exclusively contacting prospects I mean exclusively! Before you even sit down for your power hour you need to need to eat a snack, use the restroom, put a sign on your door and make sure you have absolutely no distractions. Don’t answer your phone (unless it’s a prospect calling you back), don’t check your email, and don’t think. Have your list of phone numbers and contacts ready to go and just dial, dial, dial!

Just like you schedule meetings with clients your power hours need to be scheduled and taken just as seriously. Put your power hours in your calendar, phone, on post-it notes, whatever you need to do to stay committed. If you make your power hour the most important commitment on your schedule all week long you will see some powerful results.

Come back next week to learn how to effectively schedule your power hours.


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