Don’t Confuse Competition with Comparison

My whole life I’ve been draw to competition for the sake of winning so that I could feel like I was on top and that I was good enough. From sports to business, even experiences I felt like I had to have the best through it all and if someone stepped foot on my “field” I would professionally find a way to come out as the winner. I’m starting to see now that it’s unconscious comparison because I want to be better than that person (whoever I’m threatened by) at that particular time and it has slowly stolen so much joy from my life, not to mention potential great friendships/relationships. Competition is a great thing but there is a fine line between competition and comparison. A line I am forever on the lookout for. Have you ever crossed it and known you have?


Competition brings out the best while comparison slowly kills

Competition is healthy, comparison is sick

Competition fuels effort but comparison breeds’ deceit

Competition creates positive momentum, comparison destroys any movement

Competition makes you hungry, comparison bloats your drive

Competition awakes hidden talents while comparison disguises strengths

Competition fuses a bond, comparison stretches the gap

Competition builds lifelong skill, comparison strangles your present talent

Competition unites strangers and comparison produces them


If you can add others to this running list I would appreciate it so that I could grow as a result.


One thought on “Don’t Confuse Competition with Comparison

  1. Jack Eyer says:

    Competition exposes courage and comparison leads to coveting what’s not yours…
    Inspired friend from your Selling in Sandals keynote on 01/16
    Enjoying the 42 Days to Prospecting Power; on Day 4

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