Enthusiasm…Your Untapped Brilliance

Enthusiasm is the God inside of us. We have been given a power to create from our creator. When God created the world I believe he was full of enthusiasm with what was to come. We share that same ability being created in his image so why the tired sighs and rebuttals at the prospect of being enthusiastic all the time?

My life is a living breathing example of what you can do with enthusiasm. I give everything I have, to everything I do. Whether it’s breaking a 150 year old sales record, becoming the 1999 High School Texas Athlete of the year or even making sure to put the toilet seat down when I’m done doing my thing. It does not matter! I have created a high level of accountability personally towards giving my best at all times. Think about the last time you had a conversation with a new human you had never met that inspired you in some way. I guarantee you were enthusiastic through the process. I can almost see you talking with your hands, staring deep into that person’s eyes, hanging on ever word, thinking your response through and holding onto other subjects that come up in your mind as you are talking…Excited to perfectly place that new subject in this life inspiring conversation at the opportune moment. I don’t have to know you to know this is what it looked like. When you act this way and bring all you have into anything you do it is also contagious to those around you. Let’s pinpoint the conversation example we just laid out. By acting enthusiastically in your interaction with this person you then create a wonderful environment to which you have this sparkling conversation. It all starts with you though, don’t for a second think that this happened by chance or consequence. It was you bringing all you had into this situation and for that you both benefited and potentially created a friendship that could last a lifetime. Enthusiasm is not just something you do on occasion it’s your connection to your best possible life for yourself in action.

I understand how hard it is to try and create this emotion when you are up against a bad attitude or a conversation that went wrong. Especially when that negative voice inside your head keeps telling you you’re not capable of enthusiasm with how you’re feeling right now. But enthusiasm is not an emotion is a state of being that can be summoned whenever you want it. Call it mastering a piece of human existence that only the best of us have achieved. It’s hard to find someone that chooses this emotion in the face of hardship but they are out there. I’m personally working everyday at it!

When I have seen enthusiasm called out of a negative situation I can say that there was movement involved. Whether it was standing up quickly, running, laughing for no reason, shouting out loud, or something as simple as reaching their hands up toward the sky as high as high as possible. Enthusiasm was created with movement. Something I have done all my life really speaks to this point. Literally when I start running even if for small distances in the house or through the halls of the office I literally feel enthusiasm running through my veins. I immediately have this huge smile and usually have a giddy laugh that accompanies it. All my life I can harness all the power I need in just a quick change in speed from a walk to a jog/run.

What is your trigger or switch?

This is mine. Maybe because I have played sports my whole life and running triggers fun in my brain or when I’m moving fast I am seeing more people and getting to where I need to go faster which brings me joy; I don’t know. But I do know that you have this same power inside of you and you just need to know how to let it out. I bet it involves some sort of movement as well. Even if it is something small, movement is the key. Objects in motion have an energy that is put off into the world that even the smartest people can only explain as “energy” so maybe there is something there you can pull from here. I hope so because this ability to call on your enthusiasm at will can only bring you closer to figuring out why you are on this earth. When you are enthusiastic you are in control of your future on top of your negative emotions, literally blessing everyone around you because your enthusiasm stirs up theirs inside of them. It’s contagious and it’s the best kind of contagious on earth if you ask me.


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