Forecasted Dreams

Movie and television stars with these “perfect” lives…At some point, we all have wanted just a little piece of what they have. 

Who designs these images of a “perfect” life; with the best house, family, marriage, job, and overall situation? 

Why do we all feel like we deserve better than what they have more times than not?

 A prosperous and meaningful life comes from what you can “hang your hat on”. Your faith, confidence in yourself, unconditional contentment to YOUR situation, joy, true friends, trusted family, passions and your dreams. Not from sitcoms and storylines drilled into your mind every waking moment.

 How dare we let commercials and movies and these petty unhappy, unsettled, uneasy celebrities set these unattainable standards for us that only exist in scripts and the imaginations of a few.

The little things that make you smile and the people who make you feel truly loved and your dreams that make you feel alive are the only things in this world that we should be completely and totally focused on every second of everyday.

Because inside of you is the greatest script, situation, and story that could ever be told.   But nobody has any time to direct their own movie because they’re too busy or distracted with the FOX Network, ABC, CBS, NBC, the WB, ESPN, HBO, and MTV. These combinations of letters spell out disaster for our culture’s future, because we’re all trying to find or explain ourselves through what these letters put in front of us 24/7.

These combinations of letters mean more to people than engaging in real, challenging conversations; meaningful debates and life altering circumstances. Movie stars, media, and athletes take us farther and farther away from our own personal ideas and dreams every day.

 I urge you! Go write, direct, and act out your own story from start to finish, never leaving any little detail out! 

Promise yourself your dreams and strive to get to that place as soon as possible! It’s going to be hard to get there but nothing meaningful ever happens in this world without a little pain! That place you truly feel YOU, the place you can say anything and not get judged for it, the place you can do no wrong, the place in your dreams you want everyone you’ve ever loved to be a part of…The place that you used to think about when you were 7 years old lying in bed staring at the ceiling filled up with excitement while you couldn’t get to sleep! You know what I’m screaming here!


Why do we let society’s standards with their movie and television puppets create these dreams for us? And tarnish our once pure and passionate place that we could so clearly see ourselves in before they crept into our lives and we made them more important than us.


7 thoughts on “Forecasted Dreams

  1. Dena L. Stevens says:


    What I think you are talking about here is “The American Dream” But that “dream” has changed and been altered over time. Our parents and grandparents dreamed of owning their own homes. The movies and magazines told our ancestors that what they saw on the big screen and glossy pages was some sort of reality.

    Maybe it’s the new millennium, the economy, my age or my location, but I notice more and more people rewriting their lives.The material needs of yesterday seem to be fading away or at least becoming more practical. In my perspective the very basic needs are valued more than they use to be just a few years ago. As a real estate agent I see people buying smaller more practical homes. The “stuff” they thought they needed seems to be dissipating. And let’s face it the movies aren’t what they use to be and those glossy magazines are going out of business. The movies and magazines are being replaced with “reality TV” It is my goal to find some sort of level between the mediums (media)


  2. cie Reynolds says:

    Amen, Dave. We have to be so intuned to ourselves that each weakness is recognized and each strength is utilized to overcome them. Having a stong spiritual side helps with the walk in this world also. Depend on your higher power to keep yourself on the right path and think humble thoughts. Love is humble, giving and true. Lets share it through kindness, compassion and honesty.

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