“Your Tongue Didn’t Slip–Your Heart Leaked”

I am forever listening to the little, self-defeating nuances all around us that are killing the spirit of our culture.

One of the biggest revelations of mine over the past few years has been how people answer the question,  “How you doing?” or “How are ya?”  The reason why it’s been so revealing is because the responses are so freaking negative! People are so used to saying the same dang things when someone asks them this, that they are dooming their whole lives with a disgusting phrase which is programmed into their mind for no other reason than, “that’s what they’ve always said.”

 I’ve heard everything from, “not good because _____”, “tired”; “just trying to make it through another day”, “good, I guess”, “alright”, “you know”, “whatever”, “still alive”, “holding on” and so on and so on.

Try this…Next time you’re around a lot of people just listen in to the responses that are given to this never-ending question. It will baffle you and give you quite the insight into the inner dialog of the reciting party which tells the story of their life in one phrase. I would contend that what we constantly say to ourselves is the biggest defining factor in what we have and what we don’t have.

Self talk is so key.  I recently heard a story from a millionaire that asked a billionaire what is the biggest thing that causes people to fail in this world? The billionaire with no hesitation said, “Self Talk!!!” Emphatically with a HUGE smile…“I have said the same positive things to myself everyday all day long and the only thing that has changed over the years is that the numbers have gotten bigger.”

I love that story because it reveals such a secret in the mind of a genius that is so easy for all of us to carry out.

Now why is it that we all don’t speak ourselves into the life that we want? Well, we fall into the trap of answering things and speaking the way everyone else does. And 99% of the time those words are not empowering at all.

I was at a bowling alley today and all around me people would roll their bowling ball down the lane and if it didn’t do what they wanted it to do or knock down the pins they were aiming for, their words got so negative that it made me laugh in disbelief and truly feel hurt for them as well.  I heard a guy say loudly, “You idiot, you always screw up right at the end!” and another say, “what the heck am I even doing here, I’m no good at anything!”  They would say these life shattering, gut retching phrases as they were walking back to their circle of friends/family and everyone would just sit there and laugh and not say anything and just smile.

What?!??!?!?!??? I mean they are speaking into being some of the nastiest, self defying material imaginable for themselves and their family and nobody is checking them on it…Why?  Well, it gives the listeners own self-defeating thoughts a place to freely spawn and worst of all because it’s 2nd nature to say horrible things to yourself when you fail. It’s all around us!

People pursue an outlet to justify themselves not being all they could be. They go into everyday situations with horrible attitudes and self talk that cuts their character deeper than anyone else ever could, and then they say these things to themselves over and over again. It pisses me off to think of the lives that have been destroyed through this devastating habit of negative self talk.

 The solution…Very simple.

  •  Be overly cautious of the words inside your head.
  • Protect your mind against the nasty nature that is all around us.
  • And the only way to combat and fight off these disempowering thoughts is to create positive things to say to yourself ALL DAY LONG.

Things like:

  • I have an abundance of money that I am saving every month.
  • I live in a large, beautiful home of my building and choosing with all the things I want.
  • I am in great physical condition, I have visible 6 pack abs and am 180 pounds of solid muscle.
  • I am an expert in my field and people seek my knowledge everywhere I go.
  • I am the biggest servant on earth; I look for ways to serve everyone around me.
  • I have the most loving and supportive spouse/partner on earth and I am constantly falling more and more in love with them every day.” 

Just to list a few, many more where that came from.

The purity in these phrases above is that by saying them all day long it forces me to take every step in accordance with their outstanding message.  This is the real deal ya’ll! You control your thoughts and words; in turn you control your destiny. Your tongue is the most powerful tool you have in your life, what are you saying to yourself?  Be conscious of everything you speak and strive to say the most positive things you can all day long to yourself and everyone around you. Remember, neutral is definitely negative.  Neutral thoughts/neutral words is a conscious choice of yours to not participate in what we’ve outlined here which will also destroy you.

 The reward is priceless, your heart will leak with joy and abundance!  Live it and please tell me how it goes!


11 thoughts on ““Your Tongue Didn’t Slip–Your Heart Leaked”

  1. Haley Price says:

    Well said, Dave. I love the examples of affirmations you listed above, particularly “I am the biggest servent on earth!”

    Congrats on the newly started blog – I think you’ll really enjoy writing it, and it will no doubt help a lot of people.


  2. The EA Blog says:

    Great post! I like what you said about self talk. “What to say when you talk to yourself” by Shad Helmstetter was a great resource for me. Same with Og Mandino’s scrolls.

  3. Evan Gady says:

    My wife always makes fun of me for self-talk….it all started when I was at SW 8-9 years ago. I still do it to this day, and while a little negativity will sneak in there now and then I try to correct myself and say a few positive things.

    Plus….I think I’m a pretty interesting dude to talk to anyway, so I enjoy chatting with myself!

  4. Dave Brown says:

    Love it Evan! That’s the deal man, choosing to cancel that negative stuff out with your powerful words. Remember Southwestern sales school and the concept of “you can’t be saying one thing and thinking another” so true! Keep rocking brother…

    • charlie swoboda says:

      Great insight we snared by the words playing in our minds and even more by what let spill out. Excellent blog thanks for getting it started dave. One of my favorite leaders in amway said great things in cd titled words… if people could just slow down enoughto realize what they are doing to themselves… we all have a loving father in heaven that hurts when seeing us hurting ourselves with what we confess.

  5. Dena Stevens says:

    I’ve been told that as humans if we hear something 3 times or more we begin to believe it to be true. “It’s going to rain today” heard three times your sub-conscience tells you to grab an umbrella.

    Yesterday I got my church newsletter with the same message as you have in the post above, get the negative thoughts out and replace with positive ones. And yesterday I received a link from FB from The Hays House radio.com with the same message! That’s 3 times for me – replacing my thoughts with only the positive.

    I think it’s the Eagles that have the song line “don’t let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy” Oh! That makes 4 times 🙂

  6. Ron Cannon says:

    I learned a long time ago “Thoughts are Things” think negative and you will get negative, think positive and you will get positive. Our lives are made up of what we believe, believe in good & positive things voice them to yourself and others. In today’s environment it’s easy to fall into the trap of negativity it’s always easier to go down than up but the rewards are better at the top than they are at the bottom.

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