I’ll be talking to you soon

Dave Brown, Speaker and Trainer, will soon be publishing a regular blog  here to share motivational sales training concepts and  personal anecdotes about the world of sales.

Dave Brown works with a division of the Southwestern Company called “Southwestern Consulting. ”

 He travels the US, bringing fresh concepts and immediate results sales training workshops to business managers with sales staffs.  He is currently working in the St. Louis, Missouri vicinity, connecting with companies who want to give their sales staff a new edge.

 See what his clients have to say:
“Dave exemplifies integrity and loving what you do. He makes sales people feel good about who they are in the face of adversity. He is detail-oriented, passionate, and spiritual and it shows every time we meet. I would recommend Dave to motivate your child, rev-up your staff or just make you smile after the worst sales day you have ever had. Dave is truly a strong character that can endear himself to all.” June 14, 2011 Babette Gonzales De Garcia
 “The highest recommendation I can give Dave Brown is that I wish I could be exactly like him. Dave’s genuinely sunny persona combined with his astronomical creativity and a stellar sense of humor makes him the supernova of the sales coaching universe. In particular, Dave’s advice on how to approach the frightening prospect of cold calling can be applied to overcoming all the rest of life’s fears and limitations. This outstanding young man has truly transformed my life and career.” June 17, 2011 Samuel Hiatt

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