Forecasted Dreams

Movie and television stars with these “perfect” lives…At some point, we all have wanted just a little piece of what they have. 

Who designs these images of a “perfect” life; with the best house, family, marriage, job, and overall situation? 

Why do we all feel like we deserve better than what they have more times than not?

 A prosperous and meaningful life comes from what you can “hang your hat on”. Your faith, confidence in yourself, unconditional contentment to YOUR situation, joy, true friends, trusted family, passions and your dreams. Not from sitcoms and storylines drilled into your mind every waking moment.

 How dare we let commercials and movies and these petty unhappy, unsettled, uneasy celebrities set these unattainable standards for us that only exist in scripts and the imaginations of a few.

The little things that make you smile and the people who make you feel truly loved and your dreams that make you feel alive are the only things in this world that we should be completely and totally focused on every second of everyday.

Because inside of you is the greatest script, situation, and story that could ever be told.   But nobody has any time to direct their own movie because they’re too busy or distracted with the FOX Network, ABC, CBS, NBC, the WB, ESPN, HBO, and MTV. These combinations of letters spell out disaster for our culture’s future, because we’re all trying to find or explain ourselves through what these letters put in front of us 24/7.

These combinations of letters mean more to people than engaging in real, challenging conversations; meaningful debates and life altering circumstances. Movie stars, media, and athletes take us farther and farther away from our own personal ideas and dreams every day.

 I urge you! Go write, direct, and act out your own story from start to finish, never leaving any little detail out! 

Promise yourself your dreams and strive to get to that place as soon as possible! It’s going to be hard to get there but nothing meaningful ever happens in this world without a little pain! That place you truly feel YOU, the place you can say anything and not get judged for it, the place you can do no wrong, the place in your dreams you want everyone you’ve ever loved to be a part of…The place that you used to think about when you were 7 years old lying in bed staring at the ceiling filled up with excitement while you couldn’t get to sleep! You know what I’m screaming here!


Why do we let society’s standards with their movie and television puppets create these dreams for us? And tarnish our once pure and passionate place that we could so clearly see ourselves in before they crept into our lives and we made them more important than us.

Are You Wearing Crap Colored Glasses?

Why are people so hard on themselves, all the time?

 I hear so much, “I’m tired” or “I’m bored” or “This sucks” or “I’m having a bad day”, etc!

Seriously, start listening, it’s all around you! What a horrible command to your being.  With every negative statement you sabotage your mind and you also abuse the souls of those around you and you don’t even know it…

Think about it this way:

You’re standing in an elevator racing down and someone says something like, “today’s going to be a nasty day!” You immediately feel those words and respond in kind with, “yeah” or “you’re right.”  Once you confirm that statement you believe it and put things into motion into the world that is pushing you to live right into that nasty day!

You get off the elevator, walk outside, and get splashed by a puddle leaving a mess on your clothes on your way to your first appointment. You get into your car and take that frustration you now feel about your clothes right onto the road and get mad at the traffic and how people don’t know how to drive in “nasty” weather.

You get to your first appointment and the person you are meeting is an hour late because of the same traffic you just fought for 45 minutes. So, while waiting, you spark up a conversation with the receptionist about how frustrated you are today because of your clothes and then the traffic and how horrible the day is going.  She then “naturally” sympathizes with you, verifies your story with her words, and in turn feels some of your frustration.  She then tells a co-worker about how “nasty” it is out there, thus confirming her day of nastiness from there on out, and also creating a clearing for that innocent bystander she explained everything to, to have a nasty day as well.

   So back to you… 

You go through your appointment with a bad attitude and, of course, you have to first explain all the “nasty” things that have gone on because you see the frustration on your late appointment’s face as if he’s feeling some of this too.   (Pause right here, you’re now wearing your crap colored glasses so that’s all you see in people’s faces and actions FOR THE REST OF THE DAY, IDIOT).  After you do that he confirms all those things with his words about the traffic and the nastiness out there and then he expands because you’ve given him a great space to tell you about all the things that have gone wrong for him with his family that morning.

You confirm those words with something like, “that sucks” or “I feel you,” creating a terrible circle of nastiness between the two of you.  Obviously, because you started off your appointment that way, it doesn’t play out the way either of you planned because you have empowered each other to be pissed off and have doomed one another to a day of nastiness.

It builds,  you walk back out of your appointment with your glasses on, see that same receptionist and, because you forced your horrible attitude on her in the first place, she says with power as you walk out, “only 6 more hours to go.” 

Because you’re appointment went bad and everything else you’ve let in damaged you, you reply with a sigh, “can’t wait till it’s over, just one of those days you know?” She laughs and confirms you again with a head nod. Immediately you have confirmed your life with other days like this one by saying “just one of those days” completely expecting that it may happen again.

Wow! I hope you (the reader) are starting to see what’s happening here…

You leave the building and get into your car and take the frustration back to the road.  Needless to say your bad attitude escalates and because you’re crap colored glasses are getting thicker– making it harder for you to see the good all around you– you become even more “nasty”,  criticizing other drivers and criticizing yourself  for not capitalizing on that appointment.

You get back to the office and snap at the first person that says, “How you doing?” and this is all done before noon.  Just imagine what the rest of this “nasty” day looks and feels like for them and everyone else they come in contact with.

 Crazy huh? I would submit this is all around us. Most of the time people have no idea how powerful the statements they let into their minds really are. I mean REALLY ARE!

Some of you reading this may say I’m deranged for painting this picture the way I did. Am I? I’ve spent the last 5 years of my life meeting over 50,000 people in 13 different states all across America in office environments just like this and have been the easy target for people’s frustrations because I’m always the outsider coming in for the day.

THIS DEFINITELY GOES ON, EVERYWHERE! And when I ask them where this “nastiness” is coming from they can never give me a straight answer except for, “just one of those days, you know.” Isn’t that unbelievable?!?!?!?!!

Ownership ya’ll, there’s no such thing as one of those days, you created that day exactly how you said and confirmed it. Again, stop being so hard on yourself  because you have no idea what your words could mature into.

 Remember, it all started with one comment that you confirmed in an elevator.

 The only true solution is to attack this negative statement right up front. When stated, you fire back with a response that is a positive shift on the situation, something like, “It’s great because I’m the only sunshine people are going to see, or “I can’t wait to get out there and attack it,” or “Today’s going to be an amazing day!”

 Whatever, just an upbeat response is all that’s required to shift your mentality to the better and also create a clearing for the initial person that spoke to have an amazing day as well.

 Come on!!! How sweet is that?!?!  So simple but yet so hard in the heat of the moment because it’s easier to just respond the way everyone else does and confirm their horrible comment thus bringing it into your life.

 Les Brown told me if you do what’s easy your life will be hard…but if you do what’s hard your life will be easy. So make a stand for yourself and that person in the elevator to have a “beautiful day” and respond positively to his comment and see what happens. You might just change the world.  In fact, encouragement and positive speaking is always present when interacting with a world changer. I know this! 

 Your turn…

Get More No’s

Day by day drags on as you find every reason to not make calls. You do just enough to stay compliant with the minimum that is expected. Fear cripples every fiber of your make up at the thought of that next, “no” you will undoubtedly encounter. Your weekly job search yields more of the same anxiety driven hours as you think about starting over again.

Pick up the phone! Talk to another human being. It is close to impossible for you to fail if you SEE MORE PEOPLE. Could it really be that easy? All the nervousness and reluctance you feel is temporary when you are talking to as many people as you can.

Stop fighting the proven system, submit to this principle and live free of all this crap. Get more “no’s” today than you have ever before. Play the game with this mind bending rule for the next hour and see how you feel. Tamper with your emotions in this way and come out on top every time. Get more “No’s”!


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