The Cure for Call Reluctance

Does your sales team have a fear of rejection?
Do they have trouble finding the time to prospect?
How much is CALL RELUCTANCE costing your organization?

    A study conducted by psychology researchers found that as many as 80% of all salespeople who fail within their first year do so because of insufficient prospecting activity. And, 40% of established salespeople experience periods of call reluctance severe enough to threaten their ability to stay in sales. Experts estimate the cost of turnover to be as high as 200-300% of a salesperson’s annual income.
    –The Psychology of Sales Call Reluctance
    The average call-reluctant salesperson loses more than 15 potential accounts each month to competitors. Multiply your average revenue per account by 15, and the cost to your business could be staggering.
    In addition to the great financial costs, call reluctance can contaminate the culture of an organization resulting in distraction and loss of focus for everyone.


In a 6-year tour of the country in which Dave Brown conducted and documented over 1,000 interviews, he studied what stops salespeople from doing the prospecting necessary to achieve the results they want. In his programs, Dave cures the causes of call reluctance, so your audience will:

  • Know how to work with and through their fear
  • Leave past failures in the past to create a profitable future
  • Have a clear vision of what they want and why
  • Devise a realistic plan to achieve their goals
  • Have intense focus on their income-producing activities
  • Be equipped with more than a dozen practical tools and techniques to increase their prospecting effectiveness

In his program, Dave first breaks down the underlying psychological barriers to prospecting and then gives tangible techniques that are proven to improve a salesperson’s confidence and success. Dave’s program will improve retention, performance, revenues and morale by giving your salespeople the tools they need to make prospecting painless.

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